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The problems involved in the investigation of the homemaking needs of certain adolescent girls, and of the factors influencing their enrollment in homemaking courses are to determine the socio-economic, personality, and aesthetic appreciation needs of high school girls. It was the aim of the investigation to determine the factors which influenced the junior and senior high school girls to choose electives particularly in the field of homemaking. The factors that may have influenced girls not to elect homemaking in the junior and senior high school are not generally known. Some phase or phases of homemaking are most attractive to the junior and senior high schools girls, and one needs to learn if the phases offered in such high school courses are those that particularly interested the girl.

The junior and senior high schools girls from the Charlton-Pollard and Hebert High Schools of Beaumont, the Lincoln High School of Port Arthur, the J. H. Rowe High School of Jasper, and the Frazier-Mathew High School of Silsbee, were used as subjects for this study. All of the high schools are located in towns in the state of Texas.

The writer wanted to know the needs and interests of these high school girls in order that the attainable objectives and effective teaching procedures might be established in planning work in homemaking. This study may serve as a guide to the curriculum maker in planning a program of instruction for a particular school.

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Elizabeth May Galloway


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