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The purpose of the education of today is to give to society an individual who not only has an accumulation of facts, ideals aptitudes but who also has worthy habits which have been developed by practice and who has chosen wisely a vocation by which he is able to support himself, end who is able to take his place in the existing state of affairs and contribute to the future development of the civilization which he contacts.

There was a time when one's education was judged by the number of facts he had memorized and not upon his ability to apply the knowledge gained to the situations of life. Knowledge and practice must go together, for merely knowing facts does not say that the individual will act according to those facts. In order to function effectively in society the individual must act properly and in order to be able to do this, practice in proper actions is necessary and the student is handicapped who Is not exposed to the proper situations end given the privilege to enter into them actively. We should be given the opportunity to develop some fundamental ideals of self-government, democracy, cooperation, love of school, love of law and order, and initiative. He should carry his intelligence and ideals into every activity and force them to function correctly by continually watching criticizing and correcting them. This is the school's opportunity to function in an effective way by providing the proper situations for practice in social relationships through properly organized end directed activities other than the regular curriculum. These activities resembling, as far as, possible, life situations.

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George W. Reeves


Prairie View State College


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