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The purpose of this study is to develop a course of study that will provide industrial arts students with basic knowledge of, and skills in the graphic arts.

In approaching this problem, an attempt will be made to accomplish the following: 1. Explain the nature of the graphic arts industry. Discuss the outlook for the future in the graphic arts field. 2. Present criteria for selecting a comprehensive course of study. 3. Present a proposed course of study in graphic arts for students in Industrial Arts Teacher Education at Prairie View A. and M. College.

Aside from the expected limitations of time, resources, and communications, there seem to be two major limitations to this study. The first is that the study is limited by experiences of the author with reference to the strengths and weaknesses of the students in the Industrial Arts Teacher Education Program at Prairie View A. and M. College. Secondly, the study is limited in that it is constructed with the idea of projecting a single course that is to be integrated with other courses in the industrial arts curriculum at Prairie View A. and M. College, rather than attempt to establish an entire curriculum in graphic arts.

A lesser limitation, perhaps, but one that has concerned the writer from the beginning, is that of objectivity. Because of its nature as a proposal and because it is a projection from the immediate into the curriculum, the study will depend largely upon information received from past experiences by the author, and suggested guidelines by recognized authorities in curriculum development in the field of Industrial Education.

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S. R. Collins

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A. I. Thomas

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A. T. Kynard

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John B. Murphy


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