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This study was made for the purpose of determining the present status of and the possible need for the re-organization of the Automotive Science Department at Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College. More specifically, the objective was to gather information which would provide answers to the following questions: 1. What do authorities in the field of vocational and industrial education regard as an adequate automotive science program? 2. What does current literature in the field of automotive science suggest as an adequate program for the area? 3. What suggestions does the automotive industry make with regard to the content of an adequate program for the area. 4. What are the general practices in the automotive science divisions (or departments) of several selected colleges and universities in the United States with regard to: a. Objective b. Student Personnel Services c. Instructional Program d. Instructional Material e. Administrative and Instructional Staff f. Physicial Facilities g. Operating Cost 5. What is the current status of the Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College Automotive Science Program in light of the foregoing questions, and is there need for re-organization?

This paper assumes importance since it represents one of the initial attempts made at any college to assess the value of its automotive science program with relation to preparing its students for work with industry and for teaching. Furthermore, significant findings may result from, this study which will serve as a basis for improvement in the current program in Automotive Science offered by Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College.

This study was limited to consideration of degree-granting and terminal programs of automotive science in organized senior colleges and universities. When speaking of the automotive science program, only the following elements were included: objective, student personnel service, instructional program, instructional material, staff, physical facilities and operating cost.

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A. I. Thomas


Prairie View A&M College


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