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Marks are an unfortunate necessity and though not entirely acceptable to colleges and teachers, no adequate substitute has been found for them; in the final analysis, they represent the teacher's opinion of the student • s work* Some people believe that the fewer the divisions there are in the grading system, the more accurate such opinion is likely to be. In recent years, the belief has been expressed that the grades assigned students represent more than simple opinion because of the development of more scientific and objective means of determining the progress of students. While the writer cannot be certain that such progressive methods have been used in assigning marks at the Prairie View State College, much less can one be sure that the teachers at other colleges have been guided by most recent developments in the field of evaluation. This study on marks has concerned itself with at least two of the basic issues facing higher education. They are first, narks and what they represent, and second, transfer students at the colleges which they attended.

Harmon (4) believes that in the evolution of higher education the problems incident to the transferring of students from one college to another are of relatively recent origin because, in the older philosophy of education, there was no problems incident to the transfer of students. A college education was thought to be the achievement of 124 hours of credit. The process could be stopped at any place and resumed at any other place without difficulty.

It is generally believed that a certain amount of adjustment has to be made by students when they change colleges for there is the new physical environmental change in addition to a period of social change and readjustment, to which the students must adapt themselves* This investigation is in the form of a comparative study of all of the marks earned by native and transfer students who were registered, and who consequently graduated from the Home Economics Division between the dates of September 1938 and May 1944 at Prairie View State College.

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Elisabeth C. May

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T. R. Solomon


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