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The purpose of the education of today is to give to society an individual who, not only has an accumulation of mental facts, ideals, and aptitudes, but who also, has some worthy habits which habe been developed by practice, and who is physically able to take his place in the existing state of affairs, and contribute to the future development of the civilization which he contacts. In order to be able to do this the individual must be trained effectively from a physical standpoint as well as from a mental and a social standpoint.

"There is a high positive correlation between the health of the individual and the healthfullness of the environment in which the individual lives. So that in order to improve the health of the individual one must improve his environment, and in order to improve his environment, one must know the conditions of the environment that tends to make the individual more or less healthy."1

1Andress, Health Education in Rural Schools, p. 24

Since health is the first of the Cardinal Principles of Education, and is the only avenue to real happiness, usefulness, and prosperity, it is pertinent that any question or study that tends to go to the basis of health, for the purpose of improving or promoting it, is of primary importance and cannot be ignored by any element of the school or community.

One cannot begin too early to train the child in the fundamental laws of health and sanitation in such way that the observance of these laws will become habitual and a permanent part of his personality.

Most school health training programs, are carried out in the elementary department of the school, because it occupies a strategic position, in that it touches, directly, all of the children during the most potent habit forming period of their lives. Many unhealthful conditions and habits may best be prevented or remedied before the child enters high school, or is lost to the influence of the school through the struggle for a livlihood, the success of which, depends, so often, upon one's health and personality.

An organized system of health training is important in as much as the effects of such program does not remain in the school, but affects the community as well.

It eliminates the "hit and miss" character of most health programs by making clear the aims and ideals of those fostering the program.

It will focus the attention of the people in the community upon the unsanitary conditions which surround them and awaken in them a desire for healthfulness, cleanliness and beauty, which may be responsible for the inauguration of clean-up campaigns, and other health promoting activities, in the community. Any program which inspires intelligent cooperation between the various organizations of a community, in an effort to improve the conditions of the community, is of vital importance.

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