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Nutritional well-being demands that the diet provides adequate amounts and suitable proportions of each of the required nutrients in wholesome, digestible and attractive form. From data supplied by food records, families have been classified according to the richness of their diets with respect to each nutrient.1 In addition, an attempt has been made to grade diets so as to take several nutrients into account at one time, and thus to provide an overall picture of the quality of the diet of non-farm and farm families in Woodville. With this thought in mind the writer attempted to ascertain the differences that existed in the nutritive status of farm and non-farm families of Woodville, Texas.

It was the opinion of the writer that such a study was needed since the community of Woodville, Texas, presented variable facts of dietary practices and no previous attempt had been made to bring this present and persisting problem to the attention of the community patrons.

One purpose of this study was to analyze the nutritional values of the diets of individual families in and around Woodville, Texas. It was hoped that such a study would define the role of home produced foods in family diets, and would show the patterns that distinguished the various diets and would, also, reveal the quality of the diets.

1Hazel Stiebeling. Family Food Consumption and Dietary Levels; Five Regions. United States Department of Agriculture, Miscellaneous Publication, Number 452, 1941, p. 55.

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E. M. Galloway


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