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The valley of the Colorado River has been one of the more important areas of Texas Agricultural Production for generations. But, like the lands of most of the state, waste of topsoil, erosion, poor water absorption and improper farming methods have resulted in thousands of acres being unproductive each year. The conservation and reclamation of the natural resources of the area are essential to the continued economic well-being of the area.

Generally the Authority's program has been set up with two goals in mind: first to induce the farmers to adopt soil conservation practices; and second, to improve the technological position of the farmer. The Authority's assumption has been that the two goals coincide since their definition of improving the technological position of the farmer has been to place him in a better position to adopt the methods advocated by the Extension Service and the Conservation Service which have been adopted with Conservation in mind as well as general improvement in agricultural production.

The following study is an analysis of the technique that has been developed by the Authority. Basically, this technique is an instrument for the introduction of reform through the existing institutional pattern. It may well be compared to grafting the new onto the old rather than the uprooting and replanting.

It is the purpose of this study to (1) present the historical background of the Lower Colorado River Authority, and (2) determine the benefits which can accrue both to the farmer and to the area's agricultural economy, from the rebuilding of worn-out lands, reduction of soil and water losses, and the improvement of family living and farm income.

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J. M. Coruthers


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