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In 1917-18 four departments of vocational agriculture for Negroes were established. By 1939-40 the number of departments had increased to 146. With an enrollment of 4,700 all-day pupils, other enrollments for the year include 722 in day-'unit classes; 944 in part-time classes; and 5,511 in evening classes. The enrollments were included in the total enrollment figures of Texas.

One of the most significant developments in the Negro program was the organization of the state into districts for supervisory purposes. The teachers were brought together by areas about four times a year. Some group meetings, however, within the districts are held which frequently take the form of skill training schools.

The New Farmers of America, a national organization of Negro farm "boys studying vocational agriculture, has been developed, in Texas to a high degree. Ordinarily the N. F. A. Chapters sponsor exhibits, at local and district fairs, of projects grown by members. The State Pig Feeding Contest has its termination at these fairs and. has been instrumental in stimulating the "live at home" program for Negro families in areas served by departments of vocational agriculture.

The Prairie View A & M College which is the official training center for Negro teachers of vocational agriculture in Texas was established as a branch of the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas in 1879. In 1882 Agricultural and. Industrial courses were added to the college offerings.

Although a state conference of teachers of vocational agriculture •was held, at Prairie View in 1918, the teacher training course in vocational agriculture was not organized until 1919-20. The bachelor of science degree in agriculture was awarded in 1921-22. This formed the basis for the organization of the department of vocational agriculture for students who had completed, a seventh-grade education and. who was fourteen years of age or older.

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