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Home Economics


In the preparation of this thesis, an effort has been made to study the needs of Beeville, Texas, as a basis for a course in Home Economics, for the Colored High School girls.

Realizing that a Home Economics course has proved to be very valuable in almost every school curriculum, it is assumed that it can be of untold benefit to the High School girls of Beevile,so much so that this benefit derived there from will carry over into the homes of the girls with a telling effect.

Home Economics,which has always claimed for itself outstanding social values, can be called upon to justify and will justify its claims, even in the Beeville High School for Colored girls, if given a chance. Home Economics has some well defined purposes that would serve to bring out many hidden possibilities in the life and usefullness of the Colored High School girls of Beeville, Texas.

One purpose is that of developing the ability of some to make a living in those pursuits to which Home Economic subject matter contributes, as dietitians, home service, representatives, for equipment companies, nursery school directors, tea room managers, and many other occupations. Another, the purpose of assisting in the process of developing boys and girls, men and women as individuals to their optimum in health, social and economic living, and personality. Another; the purpose of training every man and woman, boy and girl to live a better life in a better home.

In looking forward it seems reasonable to predict that there will continue to be many occupations for women and girls, which will require the technical training to he found in tile Home Economics field. There will also he more and more need for training individuals to live rich, full lives in good adjustment ot their surroundings.

In its initial stages the place of Home Economics was held to he within the walls of the home and was taught from the school room as a practical service to the future home-maker. Now Home Economics has come out into the public arena not only to serve and to feed the multitude, but under federal, state and private relief to meet the greatest need of modern times, to aid the house-wife to stretch the relief dollar to feed her family to the maximum health degree.

The following Home Economic objectives are especially fitting: 1. Creating appreciation for home life and home making as a mode of life. 2. Training for worthy membership in a home. 3. Efficiency in home making skills. 4. Maintaining home sanitation and health. 5. Wise use of leisure time. 6. Right attitude toward community life. 7. Increase enjoyment of life1

Footnote: (1) Justin, Margaret, Pennsylvania School Journal. (no date given)

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Elizabeth C. May


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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