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Crime is one of the greatest evils of society. Because of this social evil, I think it is very important that we should know about the individuals who are responsible for its existence. As we know there is no one at any time free from the danger of criminal attack both day and night. On considering the study of crime, there is nothing so baffling as the question of the mental responsibility of the criminal; that's why I am interested in trying to discuss what' we shall all the Insane Criminal By insanity is meant the loss of mental capacity. Prom this definition, I would attempted to define the insane criminal as the person with the loss of mental capacity, which makes him unable to mold the environment to self control which makes him difficult to live in society. In the primitive society insane persons were thought to be possessed by special gifts. It was thought that god had come nearer to them than to common mortals and they were also thought to be seers and prophets endowed with a portion of the divine Power. Either view of the problem can be explained in the manner that they did not have scientific knowledge as we do in our modern society.

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A.G Bullock


Prairie View State College




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