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The history of medicine discloses that plant drugs have been used in all parts of the world as folk remedies, for many centuries.

Some of these drugs have been accepted for medicinal use by the medical profession while many have been disregarded because it was felt that their use was based more on superstition than on accurate and dependable information collected in regard to their therapeutic effects.

The production of penicillin, and its application in use against diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, in 1941, focused the attention of many scientists, interested in plant biology, upon the study of the effects of plant substances on the prevention and cure of diseases caused by bacteria and viruses.

Work with plant seeds, juices, stems and roots has been done by many persons in the field. Among these are Lucas and Lewis who worked with the roots of plants; Sanders and Weatherwax, who worked with the juice of plants; Little and Grubaugh who worked with the juice of plants; Cheng, Cheng, Cheng and Tong who worked with solutions of the water chestnut; Rogues who worked with leaves; and Cook who worked with juices from various parts of the pea plant.

Unpublished literature, concerned with a study of the inhibitory effects of acorns against bacteria, undertaken by members of the Department of Natural Science, at Prairie View A. & M. College may be used as a basis for formulating a hypothesis that there is a possibility that some species of acorns may contain inhibitory factors.

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