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Since the conclusion of World War II, perfluoroalkyl derivatives of many elements have been prepared and characterized. This thesis deals with the bis trifluoromethyl derivative of mercury and a palladium(II) chelate of 4,4,4 trifluoro l-(2-thienyl) 1,3 butanedione. On the basis of crystallographic data obtained on these two compounds, the possible configuration of the CF3 group in the solid-state is discussed.

Many of the physical and chemical properties of trifluoromethyl derivatives of the elements can be correlated with the dual nature of this group. As an organic radical it gives compounds formally related to normal alkyl compounds, and many of the reactions of perfluoroalkyl derivatives are analogous to those of the corresponding covalently bonded alkyl compounds. Replacement of the hydrogen atoms in an alkyl group by fluorine atoms produces a group with a substantial inductive character, i.e., a highly electronegative group, and a number of observations suggest that the effective electronegativity of a trifluoromethyl group lies between that of fluorine and of chlorine (5).

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C. E. Urdy

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Robert A. Welch

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Robert A. Welch


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