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The purpose of this investigation is to determine the major families of insects found in Waller, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Harris, and Galveston Counties. These counties are situated adjacent to each other. Primary consideration is given to the taxonomy of the insects collected, and secondary attention to their economic importance, general distribution, and ecological aspects.

This research is unique in that it deals with all of the families found under the different orders of insects. No such study of this area has been published. Related investigations that have been published deal only with insects that are of economic importance to the Department of Agriculture.

There is a need for continued study in the area of Texas entomology, relative to taxonomy and the development of a key or field book of insects found in Texas.


The insects for this research investigation were collected by the use of aerial and sweeping nets, light traps, and by looking under dung, decaying wood, stones, dry leaves, and trash. Loose bark was pulled from logs and stumps to collect insects hidden beneath it. Insects were also collected as a result of examining flowers, garden plants, and the bark of trees. In addition to these methods, insects were collected from around lights at night and early morning, fleas were collected from dogs; silverfish, book lice and roaches from homes. Some additional insects were donated by Dr, R. D, Bonner, Dr, Phillip Young, Lafayette B. Williams, Prince V. McCann, Alexander D. Acholonu, and high school students.

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J. E. Berry

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E. D. Bonner

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