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In a large number of instances, children who, for various reasons, have gone beyond the fourth grade of public school without interest in the fundamentals, present a very real problem, It seems as though they do not receive the greatest benefit and pleasure of their school life. School is not a happy place, but a confinement institution. This impression, it seems, changes the pupil's attitude toward the learning situation for which the school is assuming responsibility and serves as a hinder ance in the ability to learn.

The writer has through personal experience recognized the problem as previously described. To this effect, the problem situation is basically one of proposing a program of learning experiences which would contribute to the positive aspects of pupil growth and development. Therefore, the basic approach has been considered and presented in terms of major steps which follows:

1. The discovery of the level of Interest in the fundamentals and how this level may be modified to enhance learning experiences.

2. Devising an understanding of specific values which are: a. physical} b, intellectual} and c. social.

3. The discovery of strengths and weaknesses of the present program with modifications when applicable.

The level of interest in the fundamentals has been a debatable issue for a long time. Also, what characterizes this level of interest.

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J. W. Echols

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C. A. Wood

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