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In the elementary schools today children seem to have very little desire to listen to and appreciate music of the great composers. One may think this is largely due to the child's environment where he has such a variety of devices and activities to claim his attention. However, this situation is partially due to a lack of understanding of the composer, the time in which he lived, his personality and his music. Throughout this paper it is the purpose of the writer to acquaint one with men who had great ideals and who put them in the form of music. It is believed by the writer of this paper if one knows the composer he can develop an appreciation and can better interpret what the composer has written. Thus, one finds in this paper facts which will enable him to understand these men better.

The grade levels involved are the intermediate grades. A survey of the fourth, fifth and sixth grade song series was made to determine the frequency of the composers referred to. These song series were the New Music Horizons, A Singing School, and Our Singing World. Many composers were used by the authors of the above mentioned series to introduce listening lessons to these grade levels. However, because of the interesting childhood of Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and Mendelssohn, the writer chose these composers.

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