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This study does not undertake to make a comprehensive survey of the interests and aversions of pupil homemaking.

The primary objectives of the present study will be to answer the questions listed.

1. What are the interests and aversions of high school pupils in homemaking subjects and activities? (a) What areas of Homemaking are most interesting to high school pupils? (b) What is the attitude of the homemaking pupils toward certain major responsibilities involved in homemaking? (c) How do pupils react, generally, toward housekeeping duties? (d) Do pupils like to use their homes as laboratories in order to acquire skill? (e) Are pupils interested in developing manipulative skill? (f) Do pupils want to acquire managerial ability? (g) Do pupils prefer practical or theoretical problems? (h) Do pupils' interests in foods go deeper than the eating? (i) What methods of cookery are preferred by pupils?

2. What physiological and sociological factors seem to affect these interests and aversions? (a) To what extent does the location of schools, whether town, city, or rural, seem to influence the interests of pupils? (b) What possible influence does the age level of homemaking pupils have on their interests and aversions?

3. What are the general values to be derived from the determination of pupil interests and aversions?

These questions are considered paramount by the writer, and pertinent to the problem. Once the questions are answered, the writer hopes to be able to state some of the prevalent pupil interests and aversions in homemaking subjects and activities as given by the respondents. Having fulfilled this requirement, the ascertaining of characteristic attitudes and common problems may be altogether possible. Moreover, the writer will be in a better position to make generalizations concerning some of the factors affecting pupil interests and aversions. Finally, the writer may make some practical suggestions to teachers for making homemaking, as taught in school, more interesting to the learner.

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Elizabeth C. May


Prairie View State College


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