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How effectively world history is taught In the high schools of Texas depends upon the children, the home and community, the quality and quantity of support provided for education, the buildings and equipment, the curricula and books, the teaching supplies, and the teacher.

Each of these contributes something toward the operation of the total school program. The children bring their inherited abilities and capacities for learning, their background of experience, their desires, and aspirations. The Impact of the home and community tends either to limit or enhance the youngsters' accomplishments and furnishes the real environment for learning. The support for the buildings, equipment, curricula, books, and teaching supplies with which to create an artificial environment for the learning situation is furnished by the lay public. The teacher is selected and employed by representatives of the same public.

But given the children, no other elements in the educational situation are so vitally significant as the men and women who conduct the classes—the teachers. It is apparent then that the quality of the teacher is of utmost importance.

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G. R. Woolfolk


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