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This survey is being made in an effort to determine to what extent Negroes are becoming established in farming in Lubbock County. This study is designed to reveal the answer to the following: 1. What is the status of Negro farmers in Lubbock County? 2. Are Negro Agriculture Laborers in Lubbock County growing toward agriculture establishment? 3. What factors are most influential in causing Negroes to become engaged in farming?

The western part of the state of Texas is predominantly a cotton growing area; and thereby attracts many laborers from all parts of the state of Texas and joining states during cotton harvesting season. Many of these laborers have remained in this section of the state to continue a livelihood for themselves and their families. It is reasonable to assume that owing themselves the purpose of their coming to this area, and the season of the year that they come, most of them have been previously engaged in farming. This being true, it is natural therefore for a greater number of them to desire farm work.

This study is limited to Lubbock County, and the information gathered involves some thirty Negro families who are farmers in the county. The writer was not interested in non-residential farmers or farmers who drive out to a farm for day work. All Negroes who farm and were contacted, either lived on the farm or owned a farm and due to conveniences lived in town.

In all cases the farmers who were considered by this study are engaged in farm work in one capacity or another as a full time or part time worker.

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J. R. Powell

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George Stafford

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J. W. Echols

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H. T. Jones

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J. C. Williams


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