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The purpose of this thesis is to ascertain the problems which have arisen between the United States and Japan over China and how diplomacy has dealt with them in the past ten years. The problem of the Pacific is one that has added intensity to diplomatic relations between the United States and Japan since 1850. Due to the broad scope of relations between the United States and Japan, and limited material, the discussion will be limited to United States-Japanese diplomatic issues in regard to Japanese ambition in China. Due to the more recent events that have taken place between Japan and China, and the changing scene that begins with the last decade, the basis of the discussion will be centered around conflicts of the last decade (1928-38). The purpose will be reached by giving a discussion on each issue and presenting them as seen by each interested party and attempts at solutions by high officials. On the basis of past and present diplomatic relations between the United States and Japan, an attempted discussion will be given in the last chapter on what might be the conduct of United States-Japanese diplomatic relationship in the future.

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Thomas R. Solomon


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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