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These tests were designed to encompass three color gradients in respect to the individuals tested with the phenyl-thio-carbamide solutions. These were; whites, light-skinned Negroes (or Mulattoes), and dark-skinned Negroes. The whites tested, 102 in number, were to be used primarily as control. This group was considered in this study as being homogeneous for color, although, unquestionably, such an ideal situation is known not to exist. The next class to be considered was the fair-skinned Negroes. Individuals of this class were chosen with extreme care, the basis of their selection was along these general lines; extreme fairness of skin, miscegenetic background, and certain external features such as the texture of hair, facial features, etc. Accordingly, the number selected from this group was understandably small for both sexes tested, approximating 132 in number. The number of the largest class tested, the dark-skinned Negroes, was in excess of the two previously mentioned classes. There were 475 members of this class. The objectives of our study was to compare test results obtained from a study made of the observed differential taste patterns within these three populations and to compare the ratios of our findings for the three groups tested with the findings of other investigators.

The following schools were included in the administration of these tests: Dunbar High School, Dickinson, Texas, Booker T. Washington High School, Texas City, Texas, Lincoln High School, La Marque, Texas, La Marque High School (white), La Marque, Texas, Central High School, Galveston, Texas, Loraine Crosby Junior High School, Hitchcock, Texas, and Prairie View A. & M. College, Prairie View, Texas.

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