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Changes in society in this Atomic Age call for reconsideration of the teachers' techniques in teaching composition. Lou LaBrant states:

It was often sufficient that a man should write his own name, and reading requirements were almost equally elementary. In the recent war before acceptance, prospective soldiers had to demonstrate what we're roughly considered "fourth-grade language skills." Those who passed were considered "literate."

College teachers have found that students are not given enough writing experiences to write adequately. Some colleges are offering courses in elementary composition for credit and non-credit. Since one learns to write by writing, the student should have sufficient writing experiences to develop skill. Many educators realize that English is the core of the curriculum; the social foundation of all education, including social studies. A revelation as this makes the English teacher aware of growing needs for improving written composition, and students at Price School in Taylor, Texas, have many deficiencies. Every workable technique should be used. No technique will be successful unless the students have an idea to express and a desire to express it. Therefore, there is a necessity for making clear to the student specific objectives and requirements. According to Cross and Carney, the teacher should arrange situations through which pupils may develop the power to express themselves clearly. The pupils should be led to think logically and to weigh and investigate experience.

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