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Within recent years respiratory studies have come to be of increasing significance and Investigations along this line have resulted in many contributions. In the previous studies, emphasis has been placed upon the effects of narcotics, cyanides, oxygen tension, and so forth, on oxygen consumption. In a general sense, the respirator., studies that have Seen made represent a wide variety of Interest in this problem. The investigations of Warburg (1021) on the action of narcotics on cell respiration led to the formation of the general theory of narcosis. Helff (1923) studied the oxygen consumption of tadpoles undergoing precocious metamorphosis following treatment with thyroid di-iodotyrosine. Keys (1930) studied the influence of varying oxygen tension upon the rate of oxygen consumption of fish. Narins (1930) studied quantitatively the effect of chloroform on oxy en consumption of tadpoles. Rurber and Lendel (1931) made quantitative studies on the action of ether on respiration of rub its. Booker and others (1932 unpublished) studied the effect of oxygen saturated water, cyanides, and urethanes on oxygen consumption. Whitaker (1932) studied the rate of oxygen consumption by fertilized and unfertilized eggs Taylor (1933) studied the effects of narcotics on respiration and luminescence in bacteria with special reference to the relation between the two processes Fleischmann and Rand (1934) studied the Influence of minimal narcotic doses on the respiration of erythrocytes. Bodine (1934) studied the effect of cyanides on the oxygen consumption of normal and blocked (diapause) embryonic cells of Orthoptera. Wright (1934 unpublished) studied the effects of oxygen concentration, alcohols, and cyanides on oxygen consumption in the catfish. These studies represent the wide range which has been covered by studies in respiration within recent years. These studies are of great importance because they give a good picture of metabolism under the various conditions mentioned. It was with a view of determining the effect of anesthetics on oxygen consumption that this study was made.


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