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Dual organization of the general shop with related subjects, as the term applies to this thesis, will be construed to mean an organization combining within the department both the general shop and the related subjects that support the general shop curriculum.

These courses are normally handled outside of the specific department, and they include, for an example, such courses as Mathematics, English, Chemistry, and Physics.

The following factors Influenced the writing of this paper on dual organization of the general shop with related subjects. First of all, the writer has been made aware of the facts dealing with the problems encountered by shop instructors. It has been noted that the general shop has been widely used as a dumping ground for students who seem to be academically slow, and it is seemingly expected that the shop teacher can bring out the good qualities of these students if they have any. Also noted was the fact that in many instances, not enough time has been given to correlation of subject matter.


The purpose of this study is to set up a proposed scheme and point out its relative merits and advantages over the more conventional type of organization. The writer also plans to determine how it can be organized and taught effectively in the situation which warrants its use, especially as it will apply to the Texas high school. It is thought that if favorable conclusions can be reached on the basis of such purposes, we will have at hand a powerful educational tool that may well serve to stimulate the learning process in the general shop curriculum in the Texas high school.

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L. B. James

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F. M. Graham

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F. M. Graham


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