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This study was undertaken in an attempt to bring together basic information on home practices as factors which might in some way influence the enrollment of girls in homemaking classes at Carver High School, Waco, Texas. Homemaking is so closely related to home living that it is necessary that the current home practices be understood if one is to discover the relationship, if any, between such home practices and the extent to which they may influence the enrollment of a pupil in homemaking at school. Cosgrove pointed out that family life education courses of a few years back were not adequate for young people of today. They were living then in a world of change without the old traditions to guide them.1 Information gained from Cosgrove's study revealed that pupils and their parents need a better understanding of the homemaking program.

It was felt that a study based on home practices might reveal them as some of the factors which influenced the pupils in choosing a course in homemaking. It was likewise felt that an understanding of these factors might guide one in curriculum planning and furnish information which counselors, administrators, and other teachers might use in gaining a more thorough understanding of youth. It was also expected that such a study would point out the present and future needs and aspirations of the girls and stimulate particiaption in the homemaking program.

1 Marjorie Cosgrove, "Is Your Attitude Student Centered? Changing Times Demand Widened Horizons in Family Life Education," Practical Home Economics, (November, 1955) p. 17.

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Elizabeth May Galloway


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