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It was the purpose of this study (1) to determine the need for a Home Improvement Program, (2) to develop a list of teaching plans, as source materials, concerned with Farm Shop Woodwork, (3) to determine the relationship between lack of knowledge, skill and tools, (4) to reveal possible improvements needed in existing farm homes; and (5) to show the effects of an improvement over a two year period.

Poor living conditions constitute a major problem of today. Many people living in poor conditions have been given aid by various organizations in an effort to improve the existing conditons. Various programs put on by public and governmental agencies have been applied to the problem.

Many attempts have been made to use Adult Programs as mediums to improve conditions in and around homes. Usually the program was centered around Arts and Crafts for the construction of such objects as What-knot shelves, broom racks and Morris chairs.

Farm Shop Woodwork may not eradicate the total problem of poor living conditions but it can rectify some of the conditions.

This study was to show the need for a more vigorous program of Farm Shop Woodwork and its affect on community improvement.

This study is limited to seventy families, thirty-five from the rural area and thirty-five from the town area. This number included all families having boys in Vocational Agriculture. These seventy homes represented 85 per cent to 90 per cent of the dwellings in the George W. Carver Local Area.

This study is limited also to closet space, screen doors and windows and furnishings which could be constructed at school under the supervision of the Vocational Agriculture teacher.

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E. M. Norris


Prairie View A&M College


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