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The National Conference on Undergraduate Professional Preparation in Physical Education, Health Education, and Recreation states the basic philosophy on which any educational program of health must be based.

Health is of primary importance in the development of the individual in our society and is recognized as one of the basic objectives of all education. The achievement of this objective, therefore, becomes the concern of all leaders who work for the welfare of the people. Health education, as an area of general education, is based on a recognition of the value of human life and the realization that to preserve and improve life, attention must be focused on the healthful function of the entire organism, interacting with the physical and social environment.

Specifically, the objectives of the program of health education are to guide young people in the conservation of their health? to assist them in developing habits and principles of living which will serve as a basis for their happiness as members of the family and community? and to influence parents and adults through the child's health education so that the school may promote health education in the community and in the family. The Joint Committee on Health Problems in Education of the National Education Association and the American Medical Association stated in 1930 the following objectives:

To improve the individual and community life of the future? to insure a better generation, and still better third generation? a healthier and fitter nation and race

In the past, as Kilander points out. Health education has of necessity been centered upon those areas of health needs which could be approached collectively through community motivation.

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Leroy Moore

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C. A. Wood

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C. A. Wood

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J. W. Echols

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W. J. Micks


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