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Farming in America, as in every other county, is the oldest of occupations. It is vital to the well-being of all people and has been in a constant state of change as well as development from the very earliest to the present time. For a long time, people has been concerned with making a systematic search for truth in the realm of agriculture as a means of increasing production, improving economic returns, and bettering living conditions for farm people generally. Herein lies the basis for undertaking this study.

Research is a medium through which horizons are lifted, viewpoints are broadened, new facts are discovered, new things created. It is the medium that furnishes the stockpile of facts and information upon which progress is built. the future welfare of mankind will be greatly influenced by the extent to which facts become know and adjustments are made to the everchanging environment.

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E.M. Norris

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J.R. Powell

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J.R. Powell

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E.J. Johnson

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S.E. Palmer


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