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The purpose of this study is to formulate some generalization about 130 Prairie View graduates who are now employed as public school principals; to compare the salaries of these principals, their years in the teaching profession, their length of service in the school district in which they work, the hours they devote to administration, and the number of teachers they supervise to that of the Negro principals in the state as a whole; and to correlate their training in professional education courses with other important areas of their work in the field of education.

This study is concerned with 130 full time and part time principals who graduated from Prairie View, whose names and places of employment are listed in the Public School Directory, Texas Education Agency Bulletin Number 525, 1951-1952.1 The same principals are listed on the Unpublished Personnel Roster of the Texas Education Agency for 1952, which lists 165 full-time principals and 607 part-time principals in the Negro schools of the state.2

In view of the work which the Negro principal must do and the type of professional leadership expected of him, this study seeks to point out those characteristics which the 130 principals studied exhibit; to compare the status factors of these 130 principals with those of principals in the state as a whole; and to ascertain the relationship of the 130 principals' individual grade point scores in professional education courses studied at Prairie View to the salary the principal earns, his years in the profession, his years in his present school district, the hours he devotes to administration, and the number of teachers in his school.

1Public School Directory, Texas Education Agency Bulletin, No. 525, Austin, Texas, 1951-52. 2Unpublished Personnel Roster, Texas Education Agency, 1952.

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