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The problem for study may be expressed in the form of one broad question followed by other questions touching on specific phases of the problem. The problem is rather broad in scope as it pertains to time because it extends over a period before the Civil War and the emancipation of the Negro through several periods, which are easily identified, following the war between the states. The problem to be dealt with is;

How has education for Negroes in Walker County developed? The solving of this problem is dependent upon answers to the following questions:

1. Were Negroes taught before the Civil War and before the advent of public schools for Negroes?

2. What was the nature of the first public schools for Negroes?

3. Who were some of the pioneers in the development of education for Negroes?

4. What provisions have been made for the education of adult Negroes?

5. What provisions have been made for professional growth of inservice teachers?

6. Who are some of the contemporary contributors to the educational growth of Walker County Negroes?

7. How has apprenticeship been a contributing factor to education for Negroes?

8, How has supervision aided in the development of education for Negroes?

The Purpose and Importance of the Study The purpose of this study is threefold in nature. The first is to ascertain whether Negroes vie re-offered formal education before the Civil war. The second is to study the development of education for Negroes during the reconstruction period and the factors influencing that development. The third purpose is to study the development of the public schools to the present day.

The Negroes of Walker County have at certain periods outnumbered the whites. Thus, it would seem, they have at times been in a position to wield some influence in the development of the county as a whole. The writer wishes to point out the facts dealing with the development of education for Negroes and leave it to those who may read these pages to determine what the influence has been.

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