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This study has been prepared as partial fulfillment for the degree of Master of Science in Agriculture. It is the result of an effort by the writer to present to future agricultural education and agriculture extension students of Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College a complete history of the 4-H Club beginning, and its development in Texas since that beginning. Heretofore, the writing on 4-H Club Work has been limited to the individual counties of Texas. In no sense does the writer imply complete originality in material, for much of it has been taken from references with proper acknowledgment being given. However, the selection of material and the points of view reflect the writers ideas.

In presenting this historical study of 4-H Club Work in Texas, these phases will be discussed as follows:

I. Boys and Girls Club Work

A. How and when they were organized in Texas B. What is a 4-H Club? C. What Steps Should be Taken in Organizing a 4-H Club D. What is a School 4-H Club? A Non-School 4-H Club? A Standard 4-H Club? E. What is a Community 4-H Club? F. Why Have a Community 4-H Club? G. Advantages of Community 4-H Clubs? H. How Community 4-H Clubs are Organized.

II. Selecting and Training Local Leaders for Community 4-H Clubs

A. Four-H Leadership Development

III. The 4-H Club Program

A. Planning and Carrying out the 4-H Club Program B. Four-H Projects or Demonstrations C. Why Have Recreation in the 4-H Club Program? D. Four-H Club Camps

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J. R. Powell


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