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Each year, there are numerous industrial and technological changes in the Houston area. These changes are occurring so rapidly that one cannot afford to stand by and watch this part of society progress without making some attempt to Progress with it. These Industrial and technological changes have created within this decade, a vast number of jobs which have doubled the number of Jobs twenty years ago.

These Industrial and technological changes have also created unemployment in the Houston area. The unemployment situation is substantially higher among young persons than among adults. In 1966, for example, the unemployment rate for young workers fourteen to nineteen years of age was about 13 percent.

The employment problem facing the older worker is often rooted in the inability of the older worker to keep up with a rapidly changing industry and economy. The lack of mobility complicates the problem to a great extent. The unemployment rat® for adults during 1966 was only 4 percent.

There are some obvious reasons for the relatively higher rat® of unemployment for these young people. In this age group, there will be those -persons who have- had to discontinue their attendance at high school, or those persons who upon graduating are not planning to attend college those who discontinue, had little or no training for future employment, and the high school graduates lack the training that would permit then to go into Industry. A vocational education program of high quality on the high school level could have helped these high school students.

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