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The American public school is one of the greatest social institutions in our country. At one time the high school was not accessible to all children; only the rich could afford a high school education. With the inclusion of the high school as a part of the public free school system of the state, the high school enrollment has greatly increased. "In practice, however, the American high school is still a selective institution. A third of those who enter never reach the second year, and considerably less than half graduate." Year after year a large number of pupils withdrew from Wheatley High School before graduation. Some of these drop-outs entered other schools, but many never completed their high school training.

Superintendent Winship says:

High school is a great civic-social force. Entirely aside from. the purely educational advantages, it would pay the city to keep every person in the senior high school for the social and civic effect it would have on the city.

And again, study the out-of-work life of the young people of any community in the years they would be in high school. Study the loafing places where they congregate. Study the influence that one or two mischief-makers can have over such a group of young people night after night and weekend after weekend. The contrast this situation with young people of the same community, with the same inheritance, who spend five hours a day with high school students, with high school teachers, with studies in the accuracy of mathematics, with marvels of science, with the visions of history, with the inspiration of literature, with culture of language.

The question naturally arises, why do so many pupils drop out of Wheatley High School each year? Are the causes due to external factors over which the school has little or no control? Are some of the causes due to internal factors which could be corrected? These questions among others suggest this investigation.

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