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The writer became interested in the curriculum of the Booker T. Washington Junior High School, Marlin, Texas, after close observation of a study made by the teachers of the school.

The writer saw a need to evaluate the curriculum in the junior high school, Marlin, Texas to ascertain if the needs and interests of the pupils are being met so as to enable them to compete as citizens in their changing society. A good foundation in the Booker T. Washington Junior High School in Marlin, Texas will enable the pupils to establish their status in society and to share effectively in life's activities.

In order that pupils of the junior high school will live more effectively in their society, the curriculum should include various wholesome activities and educative experiences. Through these activities, the child should be able to explore and discover his interests and abilities. Experiences should be provided in the curriculum which will equip pupils with the foundation they will need to participate fully in high school programs.

The junior high school curriculum should also equip those pupils that tend to withdraw from school at this level to meet life's problems as a citizen in our society,

Many changes have taken place during the twentieth century in industry, farming, communication, transportation, medicine, and science, which greatly affect the lives of the pupils in schools of today. Schools are making changes in methods, equipments, building, and curriculum offerings to adjust the pupil to live in a constantly changing society.

It has been generally agreed that absenteeism, dropouts, lack of interests and proper motivation are serious handicaps to the development of the child in school and in society at large. Basic to these problem situations, there appears to be a growing realization that absentees tend to imply that the pupil fundamental needs are not being met. For an example, the incident of dropouts is not just a school problem, but a problem that should have the concern and cooperation of all social institutions. The lack of interest and motivation contributes in many instances to serious school problems and should be considered as extremely significant and basic in planning the school's curriculum.

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J. W. Echols


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