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Since music does not attempt to reproduce the exact shape and images of the real world in the tangled way that literature and painting do, many persons have come to think of the art of sound as being remote and divorced from life. As a matter of fact, from its very beginnings in savage and primitive society, music has been an integral part of the daily life of the individual and the group. Whether to express triumph over the enemy or thanksgiving for the harvest, the praise of heroes or the pleasures of the hunt, religious feelings, incantation against evil spirits tenderness for the beloved, or lament for the dead, music is called upon to convey and at the very same time to heighten the emotional side of man*s experiences.

More important psychologically, it helps to create and sustain that mood of joy and physical well-being that finds its natural expression in rhythmic bodily movement. Wherever people come together for social purposes they require music to create the proper festive atmosphere. Naturally, the music differs with each country and century, reflecting the tastes and needs of the particular social environment. But the basic emotional responses are more or less the same everywhere.

We have, up to this point, occupied ourselves largely with the beginning, and psychological effects of music. Music exhibiting extra-musical values are the overture, suite, symphony, concerto, opera, oratorio, and tone poem. This paper presents the wonderful world of the symphony orchestra: (1) the players and their instruments as strings, woodwinds, brasses, and percussion, (2) the conductor, who leads the players and interprets the music, and (3) the outstanding forms of orchestral music overture, suite, concerto, symphony, opera, oratorio, and the tone poem.

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