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Classwork done by students in the upper grades of the Bessmay Junior High School shows that those students have deficient knowledge of reading. This deficiency has prevented the progress and attainment of success in school work that is to be expected of pupils of these grades; namely, 5-9. Certain factors are evident which indicate that the difficulty might lie in the previous methods of teaching reading that have been employed in the primary grades. The problem to be solved is: What are the most effective methods and materials that may be employed in the Bessmay Junior High School, or other elementary schools with similar problems, for the improvement of primary reading?

The purpose of this study is to collect, analyze, and evaluate methods and materials used by a representative number of primary teachers, and to describe the successful experiment performed with a retarded second grade at the Bessmay Junior High Schol with the objective of determining the greatest degree of success aforded by the use of certain methods and materials in teaching reading in the first three grades. It is also the purpose of this study to present this information in a concise form that will be available for those interested in, or working with, groups of children in situations similar to that of the Bessmay Junior High School.

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