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A preliminary investigation revealed that no previous study had been made concerning certain aspects of organization and administration in the public schools in Grimes County, Texas. It was the purpose of this study: (1) to determine the total structure of public school organization in Grimes County, Texas; (2) to obtain a horizontal profile of the characteristics of professional training and duties of the currently employed teaching personnel; and (3) to point out the implications that may exist for the improvement of schools and school personnel in Grimes County, Texas.

The writer assumed that the plan of organization devised for an educational program requires adjustment to the type of educational environment in which the schools are operated. An organization of schools in a school district with three or more secondary school plants will not present the same program for carrying on administrative services as one will find in operation in a system in which all the work in grades one through twelve, inclusive, is carried on in one building and is administered under the direction of one principal.

The most common public educational organization found in the U. S. is one in which the Superintendent of schools shares with the high school principal practically all important duties connected with the management of the secondary school. The Superintendent realizes his inability to administer the district or ward school in his city efficiently without the aid of a professional assistant in each local school and requests his school board to appoint a principal clothed with administrative power to function under the Superintendent.1

1 Jackson, Paul B. and Reavis, William C., Duties of School Principals (New York: Prentice-Hall Inc.,1941), pp. 35-36.

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