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It is the problem of any individual or committee concerned with public relations to maintain the goodwill of the public for his department, organization, or establishment# It should likewise be the interest of anyone who feels he has something to offer to sell himself, his ideas, or his product. The ways and means of achieving this have already been prepared and are multitudinous. For the man who wishes to portray himself as a specialist, there are the higher institutions of learning to prepare him for mastery of language and public speaking. To present his ideas, books, magazine articles, news releases and many other means may be utilized. To sell his product almost every conceivable form of advertisement is possible. The problem remaining is that of method and the extent of utilization of available media. Failure to exhaust every available means of communication results, to an extent, in retarded possibilities of progress toward the desired goal.

The idea of the type of training now labeled industrial education was introduced more than a century ago. Many thousands of books and other documents on education have been published and yet, there is a lack of ample literature on industrial arts in general education* In numerous areas, the course is offered but with a lack of adequate facilities* In many other areas no provision at all is made for industrial education or industrial arts training in the public school* In many instances, public relations activities are neglected, even in those schools with adequately equipped and well organized industrial education curriculums* Some authors feel that the plight of this field should not be surprising, however, because educational ideals change very slowly and it takes even longer for such newly suggested ideals to become common practice. This idea is considered worthy of sufficient thought* Nevertheless, it is felt that an active, well-organized, and well-rounded public relations program would prove to be an invaluable asset to any institution.

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Thomas W. Miller

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Alvin I. Thomas

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Alvin I. Thomas


Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College


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