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Student teaching, which was originally called "practice teaching," has been considered an important part of the teacher training program in this country from the beginning of the movement in America, to establish normal schools to prepare teachers for positions in the public schools. In the earlier stages of development, the requirement was fulfilled by the vicarious method of "sitting-on-the-bleachers" 1 and watching others do the teaching.

Meanwhile, the medical schools of the country secured enormous sums of money to extend their laboratory equipment for the observation of all forms of disease, and for demonstration of numerous and varied practical methods of treatment. The relative emphasis placed upon the laboratory work for the prospective physician was increased correspondingly and every young man and woman, preparing for the practice of medicine, was given an opportunity, not only to observe and Identify the various forms of morbidity and to make application of the numerous remedial discoveries but also to engage in elementary experimentation for the purpose of improving practice.

In law schools, likewise, large sums of money were expended in providing laboratory facilities in library and moot court equipment to make the "case method" an effective means of instruction and training. So then, it was easily apparent to the casual observer that in most branches of professional education greatly increased emphasis was placed upon provisions for gaining practical experience and training, through some form of worthwhile laboratory work as distinct from attendance upon lectures or the completion of reading of assignments.

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