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The purpose of this study is to point up the importance of the training of in-service teachers for the improvement of instruction. Further, the purpose is to suggest a program for the training of in-service teachers in the large urban school. The writer traces the historical development of education for in-service teachers. Since selected practices of some school systems are changing, this study redefines the factors effecting the training of in-service teachers.

In presenting this study a statement should be made about the point of view which is held to be true: that the purpose of education modifies the behavior of in-service teachers and contributes to professional improvement and happiness. The training of an in-service teacher should be judged in terms of what it does for him and the improvement of his instruction. Teacher training should be a part of the on-going program in helping children to achieve. As pupils are learners so are teachers and their learnings should satisfy both their interests and their needs. Teachers are interested in quality instruction which is the most important determinant of the achievement each generation will attain.

Specifically, this study holds that both inexperienced and experienced teachers need in-service improvement; that the faculty meeting, when properly conducted, is still one of the best known means of training in-service teachers; that many contributions may accrue from faculty committee meetings. Teachers have genuine concern and a keen interest in their improvement activities. A professional advancement program can be conducted so that teachers feel the responsibility of carrying out the project with great enthusiasm. It holds that the improvement plan cannot raise teachers without their personal vision and competence; and lastly, dynamic and democratic leadership form the basis for greater participation in teacher growth.

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Arthur E. Teele

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Herman Jones

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Jack Echols


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