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For some time the writer has been concerned about the problems that exist among Negro principals in elementary school administration throughout Louisiana. Therefore this study, of some administrative and supervisory problems that were confronting each elementary school principal in Saint Landry Parish, Louisiana, was begun. In the study it was discovered by the writer that each elementary principal dealt with about the same problems, which could be classified as follows:

1. Attendance

2. School finance accounting

3. Classification of Transfer Students

4. Mentally Retarded Children

5. School Records

6. Providing for Individual Differences

7. Testing Program - Guidance and Counseling

8. In-Service Programs

9. Home-School Relationship

It is hoped that this study will help the elementary principals of Saint Landry Parish and other areas having similar problems.

Statement of the Problem. The study of school administration indicates that there are certain fundamental principles which should guide the practicing school principal in making plans, decisions, and analyses relating to their work. Yet there are some aspects of administrative practice which continue to give difficulty. The problem then appears to be that of identifying the difficulties and finding possible reasons why the usual principles of procedure may not apply to their solution. Specifically, the difficulties of school principals in Louisiana constituted the focal area of the problem.

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J. B. Murphy

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J. B. Murphy


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