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The teacher of English in high school is obliged to become a teacher of reading.

It has been discovered that there is a great number of high school pupils that need special guidance or help in reading because of extreme retardation. Many high school teachers complain because their pupils have not mastered thoroughly all there is to be mastered about reading. They do not realize the fact that they must play a part in helping pupils continue their reading growth.

Review of Studies

It has been indicated by W. S. Cray in a recent study that from ten to thirty percent of high school pupils are in serious need of remedial reading. Some schools offer as reasons for their failure to conduct needed reading programs for their high school pupils a lack of time and facilities.

A study by (M. E.) Thurston showed clearly That significant results can be secured without special equipment, excepting intelligence and reading tests for use in diagnosis, bulletin boards, reading tables, magazine racks, bookcases, and files for use in teaching.

There have been scientific investigations made in order to determine the reading abilities of high school pupils .

Research in reading has been extended from the laboratories into the classrooms; schools and colleges are rapidly adopting a realistic view of the reading situation and teachers beyond the elementary school are not only accepting responsibility for helping their pupils improve in reading skills but are also trying out a wide variety of procedures and courageously appraising the results.

Gray gave in a report made on 6,000 ninth-grade pupils of a Chicago suburb that seven percent were reading at the sixth-grade level, six percent at the fifth-grade level, five percent at the fourth-grade level, and four percent at the second and third-grade levels.

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