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The first three years of school should be centered around the total development of the child emotionally, socially, and intellectually. In order for such developments to be successful, the promotion policy of the school should be based on the premise that all children will profit from it. The promotion policy should possess flexibility because of the vast range in individual differences in intellectual capacity and in rate of maturation.

Beauchamp maintains that the nature of the school's promotion policy will have some bearing upon both the method of pupil progress reporting and other kinds of evaluation made. He believes there is a vast difference between considering the educational growth of a child in terms of his individual abilities and the degree to which he meets certain arbitrarily determined grade standards.

Beauchamp emphasizes that the field of research fails to indicate that any significant gains have been made by following the practice of failing children in the elementary school. In some cases, because of immaturity, children are retained in the early grades of the elementary school in the belief that the pupils will profit from grade retention.

He is strongly against any policy which results in the failure of children in the elementary school. It is believed that a child's unsatisfactory progress in the elementary school may be explained by one of three reasons. One reason may be the child's slow maturation. The time factor is important in the solution of this problem. The second reason for poor progress maybe lack of ability. The possession or the lack of this intellectual power is determined at birth. The third reason may be that the child is the victim of a poor instructional program. This is where the school occupies an important position in the development of the child in preparation for adulthood. It is believed that these factors are beyond the control of the child. To retain a child in one grade while his classmates are promoted to the next grade leads to incalculable injury in terms of loss of status, feeling inferiority, and frustration.

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