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Our problem is to find an equation, using the generation matrix, that uie may use to predict the frequency of the occurrence of any gene type in any arbitrary generation from the succeeding generation. Our problem uill have the following restrictions :

1. Remain restricted to a given or specific trait, namely, skin-color, because of the many examples given by investigators.

2. Calculation of the frequency of the types of matings (between genes) possible, using four genes for examples.

3. Our system of enumeration is the set of real numbers, such that the results from all types of mating will be positive.

Gregor Mendel (1822 - 1B8A) is called the "father of genetics" because he made revolutionary contributions with his experiments on Pisum sativum, the common garden pea, and thus laid the foundations for the science of genetics.

An understanding of the manifold action of heredity is important in man's future that a greater knowledge of the subject should be acquired both by professional scientists and the general public. The human races agree with wild species in that so defective mutations appear in them from time to time and many are carried in the germplasm. In wild species, natural selection generally prevents the multiplication of defective types, The least that man can do for his own species is to prevent these defectives from propagating their kind. But human genetics is a relative new science and the human elements, personal interest and bias somewhat inhibits the attempts of investigators from making a dispassionate scientific analysis. Human genetics is in one sense an applied science. The results of experiments with animals and plants are applied to the interpretation of human pedigrees and statistics.

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T. P. Dooley


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