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Bachelor of Science

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The importance of iron and copper in the Human body as well as in the human diet has been clearly established.

In keeping with the progress of sciences, the Department of Natural Sciences at Prairie View State Noraml and Industrial College is making a study and comparison of results and facts, established in other sections of the country.

The Author has chosen this subject because of the recent interest manifested in the mineral content of vegetables in other sections, and chiefly because of his interests in analytical chemistry and research. No available data on the mineral contents of Texas vegetables has been published, especially with reference to copper and iron contents.

In the course of the analysis, the author hopes to establish a table, or tables, showing the copper and iron contents of vegetables, and the copper and iron effeciency of vegetables in this section. It is his hope that this information will prove to be reliable, and that it will prove of informational value not only to the members of the Science Department, but to all other individuals interested in Health and Nutrition.

It is the belief of the author taht such imformation, in the course of time, will have a practical value, as well as an increased value in regard to Theory.

Extensive tables of the copper and iron content of vegetables have been prepared by authors in other sections,(16), (17) .

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R. P. Perry

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W. A. Lynk, Jr.


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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