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The ultimate objective for attending college is to prepare one's self for a specific area of work that will enable the individual to make a decent living. Making a living comes from one's ability not only to do a job, from his preparedness but from both factors coupled with the actual finding of a job. Many graduates do not have job contacts, so they rely heavily on the placement office of the institutions from which they graduate to offer assistance in securing a job.

The purposes of the placement office are: (l) to aid students in finding employment that will be in accord with their interests and abilities, and (2), to aid school officials in finding personnel with the proper qualifications to fill vacancies.


Statement of the problem. It is the purpose of this study: 1) to gain insight on the organization and functioning of placement services; 2) to compare the functions, staffing, and operations of placement offices in the southern states, and 3)> to analyze the placement facilities of the colleges in question.

Importance of the study. College placement in its broader aspects seeks to provide opportunities for all students to find work in a socially useful occupation appropriate for his particular abilities, capabilities, interests, and ambitions. It is a closely related responsibility of the placement function to serve employers seeking qualified students from the institution. In endeavoring to extend and communicate knowledge, placement activities must operate in a climate of academic freedom. Also, college placement should provide opportunities for individual initiative, maintain institutional and professional integrity, and be concerned with the needs of the public.

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Melba Douglas

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W. C. Brown

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W. C. Brown

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Susie A. Robinson

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Joyce Rae McClendon


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