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Music is fundamental! in the education of every child. Great philosophers and educators of all times nave recognized its importance. Aristotle saw in music not only enjoyment, relaxation, and recreation, but also release from the tension of disturbed emotional states, and incentive to the positive development of character. Plato believed that through music, rhythm and harmony find their way into the innermost soul and become a part of the personality.

Music merits support and encouragement in the school program equal to that given any other subject or area of experience. It is neither a fad or frill but represents one of the supreme forms of art through which the human spirit has found expression.

Today in our schools, children are taught to sing beautiful songs with pleasing voice quality and to interpret the reciprocal work of the poet and composer in the creation of exquisite music, The musical heritage of all ages and people becomes a part of the cultural treasure of every child by means of the phonograph and radio, music has become an integral part of child life in school, at nome, and in the community.

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