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The importance of improving the living conditions in the Rose Hill community, Jasper County, Mississippi, can not be overstressed. In any society the standards of living should of necessity be raised as civilization advances. All factors which affect the use of available facilities for the improvement of a community should be analyzed in the light of present day needs. The use of household appliances which improve living conditions in the home should be studied in order to determine what is needed to make home life desirable to the youth of the present period. There are many signs which point toward improvement in the economic and social status of Negroes during the twentieth century.

The past decade has demonstrated forcefully the importance of continuing to improve the living conditions in the home and local community. The community is an important factor in the lives of all its citizens. It is especially significant for children. The influences in the community affect the lives of all who are members within its limits. These influences in terms of minimum services are: (1) markets for buying and selling goods and services, (2) schools, (3) a place to worship, (4) adequate communication, (5) transportation, (6) literature, (7) recreational facilities, and (8) banking services. The establishments mentioned give necessary services to a community. In the Rose Hill community five of these are missing, namely: adequate communication, transportation, library facilities, recreational facilities, and banking services. This lack of mentioned services to the community poses a serious educational problem which deserves immediate attention.

The problem is to propose or to find a method of utilizing available resources to the extent that more minimum services may be provided and the youth of the Rose Hill community will not find it necessary to go outside the community to secure finances to support the families.

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A. E. Teele

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F. B. Ledbetter

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H. T. Jones


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