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The use of good grammar is as habit forming as poor usage. The errors in English, which is the basic tool for all subjects, are far too frequent. The purpose of this thesis is to determine how well these students recognize these errors on this test.

This entire survey is devoted to a study made of errors in senior grammar at the Lincoln High School, Dallas, Texas.

The survey is made in the hope of improving these conditions in the English department at Lincoln. Every effort is made to find out as many of the causes for these conditions as possible. First, a check is made on the student to find out how they rate in comparison with students in other schools. Since it was not possible to make tests in enough schools to give a satisfactory conclusion, a reliable standard test had to be selected for that purpose. It was not possible to give the test to the entire student body or the entire senior class. A representative number of seniors in two classes were used to conduct this survey, sixty to be exact. The supervisor deemed this necessary.

The Cross English test was selected by the supervisor, as it was accepted by the Dallas Board of Education as a reliable test. The Cross English test proved most satisfactory, as it dealt with the more common errors of grammar.

This study will tell how these classes were organized, supervised, the method used in teaching, and administering the test. After the explanation of the frequency item in each test, the actual material used to improve the students ability is given. This material was taken from the daily lesson plan used during the survey.

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