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The problem of recreational activities is both a wide and a complex one. It is an aspect of the wider problem of education in which physical, intellectual and moral training are collateral and overlapping branches.

In order to understand more clearly the meaning and need of the term recreation, we need only to ask ourselves these questions: What is the work of the whole human being in life? To what extent does physical development and recreation help him to enter into and live this life more abundantly? S. S. Pressey says, "What we today term recreational activities represent only an orderly organization, redirection, and extension of that pupil-activities characteristic of children which have always more or less been present among them".

Few teachers of the "old school" manifested any interest in what took place outside the literary classroom work. Recreation has gained recognition among educators as a vital part of every school program intended to train our boys and girls to take their places in a democracy. The wise school master has come to see that both he and his teachers are not fulfilling their true function as instructors, guides, and counselors of youth unless they all help to organize the many leisure activities of their pupils with the facts mentioned above in view, an attempt will be made to make a study of the recreational activities of Blackshear Elementary School.

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